LIBE committee passes derogation

So today the LIBE committee voted overwhelmingly to allow the derogation to proceed to the plenary.  The vote 53 votes in favour and 9 against, 2 abstentions.

The derogation will now go for a vote to the European Parliament at the plenary sessions during the week of 14th to 17th of December 2020.  Having passed the LIBE committee, the derogation should be accepted by the parliament without too much drama.  However, it must then be discussed in the trilogue which may mean that it gets watered down. There needs to be strong representation for child safety as you can be sure there will be strong representation from the privacy side of the house.

Once that happens the real work begins to put in place the legislation that will provide the framework for finding, reporting and removing CSAM and grooming from networks.   That work will take many years.

The LIBE committee press release is here.